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Because I like it and because it´s Friday

The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines


Yes! Another item off my bucket list

On the weekend of 21 May we (hubby, kid1, kid 2 and I) travelled 550 km into neighbouring South Africa to watch….. wait for it…. Iron Maiden! BEST SHOW EVER!!!

The trip started fine at 6 am, beautiful views with two stops… travelling with kid 1 and kid 2 requires the pit stops along the way and the need for caffeine and the occasional food too.

(Photo: Mpumalanga Province South Africa)


Kid 1 has been to Johannesburg with friends several times to watch “concerts” with DJ´s playing the same electronic noise over and over again like a scratched record. To me a concert requires real musicians that actually play instruments and sing and the songs contain actual lyrics that make some sense. We arrived at Carnival City just outside JHB and in a sea of black leather jackets, biker boots and Eddie t-shirts kid 1 strolls by in her pink t-shirt, jeans and white sneakers sticking out like a sore thumb, perhaps throbbing thumb is more appropriate. But Iron Maiden fans are too excited to see their favourite band and don´t even look at kid 1, she´s a bit surprised, no snickering, no laughing and no one even glances at her unless it´s to say ´hi´. Iron Maiden fans are not judgemental, well not that I saw anyway.

(Photo: Never ending queue for the golden circle in Carnival City)


Opening the show is Steve Harris´ son´s band The Raven Age, not bad but not quite up to daddy´s standards yet but it was a good performance, then in walks Maiden, crowd goes wild we sing at the top of our lungs… the only time I have been allowed to sing in public. Kid 2 is dancing and humming along, hubby is so proud of his baby that I consider finding a bucket to catch the drool that is now almost creating an olympic size pool at his feet. We sing we jump we push drunks away and protect kid 2 from the idiots that got too carried away but we love every moment of it. Hubby has yet to stop smiling, we are so happy to be amongst the 18,000 that showed up for this event. Overall BEST SHOW EVER! Loved every second of it and I we have the t-shirts to prove it.

Now we just need, AC/DC, Muse and the Winery Dogs to visit South Africa too.

(Photos: Book of Souls tour Johannesburg, South Africa)