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How to choose just one book boyfriend/girlfriend – `only one´ they say

I am almost certain that regardless of your age, gender, race, religion (or lack thereof), or marital status, every single person that reads fiction has at one time or another fallen in love with a fictional character. I have, often and with so many that it´s a good thing that they are fictional, the crush lasts as long as the book, but sometimes you miss that character and go back and reread the book.

The advantages of having a crush on a fictional character is that the reading experience is so much more emotional and fulfilling. When the character does something funny my laughter is sincere and loud (usually startling family members), when they are hurt the tears that stream down my cheeks are real (at this point family members are seriously considering putting me on medication) and when they are hurt my pain is heartfelt but when they do something stupid I blame the author. What can I say? Love is blind.

There is one blog that I follow on a regular basis, Vampire Book Club, it was created by Chelsea Mueller (also an author). From the blog: “Established in 2010, this blog is for all those who love escaping into novels filled with vampires, shapeshifters, demons, witches and even the fae.”

All this is good, there are some awesome book reviews, new releases and some good recommendations but there is one particular time each year that I really look forward to on VBC, it´s a time when my loyalty to my fictional character crushes are tested.  The Alpha Showdown!

In each round two extremely badass alpha characters compete for votes from readers, the problem is we love them all, how can you choose? It´s like putting someone in a field full of cute baby animals and tell you to take only one… only one? No! I want them all. That´s pretty much how it goes with the Alpha Showdown and I swear that every year it gets more difficult.

Anyway, so far I have cast two votes, the second one hurt slightly but Curran (that was said with a sigh) sadly I had to forfeit Bones for Curran. If you don´t know who I´m talking about you obviously haven´t read Ilona Andrews and Jeanine Frost.

Soooo… all this is to inform the uninformed that if you have a book crush (this is on a paranormal / urban fantasy level, which I assume you understood from the blog´s name) and you want to suffer like the rest of us attempting to remain loyal to the countless book crushes go on to the VBC and join the fun of voting for your favorite alpha on the Alpha Showdown and there are plenty of cool alpha females, so cool to see gender equality.

Just follow the link below and give it your vote, (I promise that it´s more fun than political voting).

Vampire Book Club – Alpha Showdown 2017



A review of Forged in Dragonfire (Flame of Requiem Book 1) by Daniel Arenson


Okay, so here goes I confess, I was seduced by the title and the cover, I mean look at it, would´t you be tempted?

Have you ever read a book that you were sort of annoyed and wanted to close it but at the same time curiosity got the better of you and you just keep on going? That was what this book was like for me until about half way through then I just kept going until I finished. What made me want to close it? Too many eighteen year olds, their thoughts and inexperienced minds (to no fault of their own).

It was an interesting read although reading about young adults and what goes through their minds can be a challenge but there are enough twisted adults in this book to overlook this. As the story progresses these annoying dialogues somehow dissipate as the eighteen year olds are forced to make tough decisions and they grow from frightened kids into potential interesting adults.
Fortunately Daniel Arenson is a good story teller and included just enough violence and action to make the book worth reading. The characters are diverse and alluring, all in their own right. From the weak, to the brave and feisty where emotions range from fear to anger revenge and hope. I will look forward to reading book 2.

Forged in Dragonfire (Flame of Requiem Book 1)