Why did you read those books?!

A few years ago I bought the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer for child 1, recently she reread the books and like always didn´t put them back on the bookshelf. This weekend I was putting them away and decided that maybe I should give them a read (yes I know that I´m a little late) but with my aversion to young adult books I thought it was rather brave of me.

I made it all the way to book four and finished… sort of, I skipped a lot of pages in all four books, being constantly reminded as to why I do not and should not read YA. Are the books appropriate for young adults? Hum… I guess it doesn´t really matter since so many people have read them. My question is why do adults like these books?

There were no vampires! Okay so the copper haired kid say´s that the big one likes to hunt grizzly bears, now those cuddly creatures are hairy as hell so I have to raise the question, what sort of teeth do these vampires have to bite through all that fur? Fair enough, I skipped a few pages but not once did I read about rows of razor sharp teeth like a shark, I don´t even recall the “acceptable” fangs getting an honorary mention in this book. Do they break the animal´s neck and then shave a piece of fur to dig in their perfect straight white teeth (those were mentioned a few times).

I don´t think it is really necessary to name all the reasons why Bela Swan is an idiot of a girl, let´s just take it as a fact that she is an imbecile.

Although I don´t expect realistic situations in this genre but some things are just a bit too much. So this Edward Cullen kid dies when he was seventeen and one hundred years later he is still a virgin??? At least Andy Stitzer was only forty.

Either way, I think she should have chosen elves or something like that instead of vampires. It was´t even the sparkling thing that bothered me, it was the lack of everything else, even for a YA book.

If you have to read just one vampire book in your whole life at least read Bram Stoker, Dracula is where it all started.

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