No comments….. it´s complicated

Warning: If you are one of those people that likes to blow everything out of proportion and be a drama queen or king and is easily offended over nothing skip this article, it´s not that interesting.

If you are reading this you are either too curious to let it go or you just like the crap I write. Moving on, sometimes when I read news articles I make the mistake of browsing through the comments people leave on there. Surprised regularly that some of those people even know how to write, a few are actually quite amusing but then there are those comments that just make me shake my head and say `no comment´.

My mother always told me that if I want to keep my friends never discuss, religion, politics or football (soccer for the Americans) and to this day I follow her advice. That being one of the reasons I never leave comments on news articles no matter how much I want to scream my opinion whether for or against what has been written, but you know how it goes, opinions are like assholes, everybody´s got one so I try hard not to be one of those assholes.

Today I was reading an article on Al Jazeera entitled Behind Russia´s ultra-nationalist crackdown and while not an overly interesting read (for me) some of the comments however were fascinating (and not in a good way). There was however one comment and one reply that made me halt and paste it below. As I said, I try not to be an asshole but maybe suggesting building millions of nukes to kill people the reply was well deserved, there are better ways to deal with problems in this world than nukes. But then again, what do I know? You can shake your head, smile, scowl, growl or whatever, your reaction is yours just don´t make it worse, the situation is bad enough as it is.

“Muslims should build millions of nukes to kill all those terrorists who want to harm Muslims.”
“You were born to be a bomb little girl.  Hasn´t anyone told you yet?”

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