The spark is back with The Veil, The Devil´s Isle Book 1 by Chloe Neill

Sadly for quite a while I haven´t felt truly excited with a new book, don´t get me wrong, I like plenty of authors and am happy to buy their books but there are a two exceptions: Ilona Andrews that has yet to publish something that I didn´t like and even after years of following Kate Daniels and Curran I have yet to become bored with this series. When they published the first book in the Hidden Legacy, Burn for Me, I was excited. The same can be said for Elizabeth Hunter, Elemental Mysteries was a delicious series to read so when she announced the new series, The Irin Chronicles I was excited to read it, and was not disappointed.

Then there are authors that I like but am not overly excited to read their new books simply because at some point I became bored with the series or the characters. Not the authors fault, I simply lost interest so maybe a year after the book has been published I will buy it, maybe. One of these really awsome authors is Chloe Neill, I followed Merit and Ethan Sullivan for a while and was entertained by them but about three books ago I lost interest, I have purchased all the books but the last one in the series is still sitting in my kindle waiting to be read. But as I said I like the author so like the other authors that I like I subscribed to her newsletter years ago and always take the time to read it. Earlier this week Chloe Neill posted the first three chapters of a new book in a new series, The Veil, The Devil´s Isle Book 1, I went over to her website to read the first three chapters and I am really excited and looking forward to this book.

If the first three chapters are anything to go by this is going to be one amazing book to read, Chloe Neill has outdone herself with this book if she keeps the same pace and the same vibe that you get in the first three chapters. So yes, I have preordered the book that will only be available on the 4th of August and I am very excited to read it, so thank you Chloe Neill for bringing back that little spark that ignites the love of a book as soon as you read the first page, on August 4th I will be unavailable as I will be reading The Veil.


Elizabeth Hunter:

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