Clean Reader it removes swear words and profanity from books

So I found this article today (yes I know I´m behind on the news) on the clean reader. What the hell is that? If you need that app you are reading the wrong books, if you need that for your kids, you are buying them the wrong books!

If you are a devout religious person and are easily offended with a few savoury words, stop buying naughty books and then talking bad about them. If your prude metre is higher than most I give you the same advice. In real life, you know the one that you wake up to everyday? well I have yet to meet one person who doesn´t at one point or another drop the F bomb or any other “stress alleviating vocabulary”

I must say that I find the people that defend these types of apps a bit disturbing, thank you so much for not being a part of my life. You would scare the shit out of me if I ever met you, extremists of any kind are dangerous and to be avoided.

I am sure that (good) authors inserted those (unacceptable) words after careful thought, whether they offend you or not, and whether you want to accept it or not, they do express emotions. So if you are looking for the more tender version like fiddlesticks… children´s section or YA should be your thing.

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