Daniel Hahn´s list of the best eight young adult books and why grownups should read them

The title of the article in The Guardian is The best eight young adult books and why grownups should read them.

Daniel Hahn then goes on to say “Young adult writing today contains everything. The worst of it is as lim­ited as any bad writing, the best could thrill any readers willing to put them­selves in the hands of expert storytellers and great writers. Readers, that is, of any age.”

And while I know that there are excellent YA books out there I cannot bring myself to read them. I did read a few, when my daughter was younger, she would ask me for a book and afterwards I would read it as well. After the third time this happened I gave up reading YA, not because the books weren´t well written or because the story wasn´t interesting but I am just too old to endure YA dialogue. I just don´t have the patience and I always try to understand why adults love them so much.

Why does an adult enjoy a book that is intended for an age group that I have little or no patience for?

Anyway, if you are one of those weird adults that likes to read things intended for your kids, or your nieces and nephews (whatever) then here is the link to Daniel Hahn´s list of eight YA books everyone should read.


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