My review of The Secret (Book 3 The Irin Chronicles) by Elizabeth Hunter

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The Secret is in fact a revelation of secrets, the book that answers all those questions that I have been asking since book one, but it also opens a door to so many possibilities for future books in the Irin world, a small comfort as we say good bye to Ava and Malachi.

Like all her books, The Secret is rich and dark and seductive, a beautiful storyline and well developed characters that grow and expand and take over your existence while you lose yourself in their world. In a genre that has been explored to its limits comes along something completely new and refreshing like the Scribes, the Irina and the Grigori. Emotions were awakened with the turning of each page and as the story was told, so many unanswered questions were finally being answered and what was black and white became grey where nothing was certain until it was. Ava and Malachi´s final journey is full of turns bringing unexpected results, it is also filled with love, beauty and pain and most of all it is filled with magic.

The intentions and power struggles become clear while everything I was led to believe to this point is challenged leaving me starving for another book in this series, there are so many stories to be told, Rhys, Leo, Maxim, Renata, Kyra and I would love to see where Kostas and Sirius´ stories go. This book answers many questions but it also raises so many more, Vasu? Jasper? I love Jasper and I so hope that Elizabeth Hunter will find a place for him where he is happy.

The Secret is beautifully written, a world that invites you to turn the pages and explore the magnificent realms of fantasy with enough reality that it doesn´t leave you lost. The timeline is well defined; while there are many mysteries there is no confusion, the story is clear without giving anything away. This was a wonderful last book to their story; the story wasn´t rushed nor did it end abruptly, it was a perfect book to say farewell to this couple leaving me content with the end. I can only hope that they will at least make an appearance in other Irina Chronicle books. Elizabeth Hunter once more keeps up her trademark of quality and consistency in her writing, beautiful and enticing like the characters she creates.

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