Rereading books… Why do we do that?

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How many people reread certain books? I don´t mean once more like five years down the line, I am talking about rereading them regularly.

I hadn´t given it much thought until last night when I started rereading a series of books that I must have read at least ten times already. I have approximately 30 new books on my kindle so reading one of the new books would seem the logical thing to do, instead I revert back to those that I know.
Don´t get me wrong, I do read the new ones, I had just finished reading one of the said new books by Anne Bishop, Written in Red (which I haven´t reviewed because I have no idea how to review that book), but instead of starting something new I opened up the Kate Daniels series…. again.

A few chapters in and I was wondering why I was reading this again, anyway, I realised that certain books comfort me, the stories, the characters, the writing. I know that I will be happy after I read it, that there is a contentment to be found that will make me smile and say, “This is a great book!”. Rereading something that I love is safe and I know that I won´t feel uncomfortable or disturbed with what I have read. I also realised that I tend to reread my favourite books after reading something that has left me confused in any way. Having said that Anne Bishop´s Written in Red was not what I expected, I´m just not sure how I feel about the story or the characters so I went back to what I know and enjoy for another read.

So to Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, Elizabeth Hunter, J.L. Murray and so many more, thank you for being my safety net in the literary world.


2 thoughts on “Rereading books… Why do we do that?

  1. Erin S. Burns

    Agreed. I’m actually rereading the Kate Daniels series right now, starting with Magic Bleeds. I also reread when I’m not sure about the thing I plan on reading next. It’s like I’m putting myself in a happy reading framework. Or I reread when I’m in a slump.

    1. coffeeandbookaholics Post author

      Kate Daniels is always good to go back to, well written and good characters. Elizabeth Hunter is also a favourite reread, you would think that there aren´t any other good books out there but I think I am looking for something that goes `boom´ on the first page and sadly I haven´t found that in a while, which is why I am looking forward to reading The Veil by Chloe Neill 🙂


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