Summer holidays……. Happy 2015

Well as I have mentioned I was born and live in Mozambique (south eastern Africa) and right now it’s summer here, in fact it’s almost always summer here minus a month or two then it’s winter which has the same temperature as summer as countries in the northern hemisphere. Well maybe it’s colder in Canada in the summer than here in the winter 😒.

My oldest daughter has gone to India for her holiday, which left hubby little daughter and myself to come to the beach for three weeks. I think I can safely state that the temperatures here are equivalent to hell with the added benefit of 100% humidity…..😥. There are perks like clean pores, free sauna, constant sweating and looking like an overcooked lobster if you are unfortunate to forget the sunblock before stepping outside to greet the sun. But with the summer and the heat comes the rains, not the drizzle kind I am talking of gunmetal skies with lightning shaming electricity companies and the delicate sound of thunder scaring the crap out of my dog.

I decided that I would read and that I would dig into my own book, reading yip getting that done and writing… not so much. My neighbours love to play what I assume they consider to be music full blast when the household members are still in deep slumber at the most inapropriate hours of the morning, mid morning… actually at any given time of the day they will attempt to drive us utterly insane with their damn noise. So my attempt at writing is so far tucked away for another day in the meantime I keep hoping that the constant flow of coffee will keep me sane and away from temptation to kill a neighbour… or two.

Taking a quiet moment to wish you all a Happy New Year, may 2015 be filled with joy, just remember to make realistic resolutions and it will be great.

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