A Review of The Arcadia Bell Series by Jenn Bennett

This is is a review that is long overdue and I have been most unkind to this wonderful author. Back in 2011 I was browsing through Amazon and came across a brand new urban fantasy Kindling the Moon: An Arcadia Bell Novel Book 1 by Jenn Bennett and after reading the blurb I really wanted to read this book, I was new to Amazon and I didn´t have a kindle so I happily pressed the purchase button only to be told that this particular title was not available in my country. WTF!!!??? Are they kidding me?

Offended I contacted Amazon asking why the hell I couldn´t buy this book and they were very kind and informed me that it was something to do with the publisher and blah blah blah… at the end of the day the result was the same, I couldn´t buy the book. I e-mailed the author through Goodreads explaining what happened and whether I could buy the book directly from her and pay via paypal, it so happens that this author has what we can describe as morals and integrity and instead of charging me for a book she sent me a free copy in a pdf format. I have since then bought all the books in series (yes! they are finally available here as well) and three years later I have finally read the whole series and yes! I am finally writing a review.

“Ms Bennett my most sincere apologies in the delay, not because me or my review are extra special but because you are!”

This is a review of the Arcadia Bell Series. Overall, Ms Bennett you get a five star rating from me.

There is this woman her name is Arcadia Bell and she works in this really cool tiki bar called Tambuku Tiki Lounge, she has an incredible anti-social partner Kar Yee and this is where the story starts, a bar full of demons, not Dante´s Inferno version but a way cooler version of the guys and magicians and spirits and a really crazy world full of labyrinths that you keep turning the pages to explore.

Then Lon Butler comes into the picture and the description of the man is a 70´s porn star, which immediately brings to mind Brendan Benson but physically they are completely different and later she compares him to a pirate. His physical description does nothing for me but as the story moves along I think the man is sexy as hell and I don´t care what he looks like anymore.

Jupiter or Jupe as we all know him, a thirteen year old kid (and Lon´s son) who arrives and grabs your heart and by his third appearance I want to adopt him. With the exception of Ilona Andrews´Ascanio and Julie I have yet to find another author who can make me really adore a teenager the way Jenn Bennett did, this requires major skill.

The story revolves around these characters, major action, humour, horror and romance. Well written books with fantastic characters and some really crappy family situations which makes you look around at your own family and thank all the gods and goddesses that you can remember for the wonderful and normal people in your household.

Character development is done to the T, you find yourself immersed in their world and everything that is happening around them, every now and again I would find myself holding my breath and looking around to see if anyone was watching me making those weird faces that I so often make when reading an awesome book.

This is an amazing series to get lost in, with or without coffee (preferably with) and to fall in love with Cady, Lon and Jupe.

Thank you Jenn Bennett, for the gift of the first book (I now have an official purchased copy) for the gift of this amazing world you created and the characters therein. I will be a fan and will continue to read your work with the utmost pleasure.

Here is the link to Ms Bennett´s webpage if you want to look at the Arcadia Bell books and her new series the Roaring Twenties series which I will start now.


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