Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

A few weeks ago I did a quick read of Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy # 1) and I gave it a five star rating and a decent review, I thought that perhaps after reading it a second time I would possibly change my review (not my rating though, once given it stays). So I did read again… four more times and instead of finding any fault in the book I liked it even more.

So on their website (http://www.ilona-andrews.com) you can find amongst others this information: “Ilona Andrews” is actually two people, Gordon and Ilona Andrews. We write urban fantasy, an odd hybrid of a genre that includes elements of mystery, fantasy, and horror in a modern setting. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

Well I must say that this duo is brilliant, in all their books it´s not only the main characters that captivate me but their secondary characters as well. Did I mention that I want to adopt Grandma Frida? Well I do. That is the coolest old woman ever. The cousins, sisters and even the bike shop owner who appears in one paragraph is so well written that you don´t need any further information and should he appear in another book in two or three books from now I will still remember who he is and what his role was in book one. Nevada is such an awesome character, great personality, smart and funny. Mad Rogan is everything you don´t want in a man and at the same time you wish you had your very own Mad Rogan because he just has so much “oomph” (I know it´s not a real word but just for the sake of argument pretend that it is).

Who ever claims that magic does not exist is because they haven´t sat down with a cup of coffee and a book written by Ilona Andrews, trust me at the end of the first chapter you will believe in magic.

The only decent piece of advice I can give you is to read this book, actually read all of their books it is the one of the best things you will ever do.

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