Readers and their “prude-metres”

A few days ago on Goodreads I came across comments on the latest Ilona Andrews book Burn for Me. One of their fans was concerned about the cover and that the contents would contain either a sex scene or the f#*& word in it. When I saw this I closed my eyes counted to ten and hoped that the comment disappeared by the time I opened them again, but it was still there. It surprised me to see it because if you are an Ilona Andrews fan you know that they don´t write porn and the very few sex scenes that appear are relevant to the moment and tastefully written. I think it is unfair to these authors (actually any author) that someone would raise such a petty and stupid question, if you know the author and enjoy the books give the content a chance before you start judging the book by its cover. As for the F word you would think that these people are five years old.

But that´s not even the point, the point is that if you are reading urban fantasy or paranormal, paranormal romance, sic fi, or whatever, you are bound to come across a few of the more colourful vocabulary in our language and as for the sex… well hun I hate to tell you that that is how we all made our way into this world.

If people have a “prude-metre” when it comes to books there are plenty that offer the colourful vocabulary and sex free literature. Why read a genre that you know for sure you are bound to come across what you dislike and then actually comment or review based on that? Personally I don´t like YA or poetry or biographies or any religious literature, therefore I don´t read it and I  most certainly don´t review it and not because it is not well written or a good story but I don´t like it and would probably have a lot of bad things to say that the author did´t deserve.

This raises the question, why do you read what you read?

I read what gives me pleasure and that I enjoy, so I buy authors like Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, J.L. Murray, Karen Marie Moning and so many more. I know that there will be less kosher language, some violence and sometimes some sex but I already knew that and to buy and read these books is my choice.

Please read books that fit within the parameters of your “prude-metre” and stop asking ridiculous questions. Stick to what you truly like and gives you pleasure instead of going with the flow of what your friends are reading. Books are art and like all art it is personal, what your BFF loves is not necessarily what you will love so please stay away from what may offend you and spare the rest of us absurd questions.


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