Bucket lists: Part II

I had mentioned in part 1 that I was attempting to write a book, the process is ongoing and I am just a little closer to scratching that item off my bucket list, I just need to stop killing off characters and changing the plot the whole time and I might actually reach my objective.

But moving on to item 2 on the bucket list, this one was inspired by a book of an author that I absolutely enjoy reading, Elizabeth Hunter. After the Elemental Series she wrote the Irin Chronicles and in book 1, The Scribe, she tells us the story of Ava as she is strolling through Istanbul, it is so beautifully written that when I finished the book I looked up at my hubby and politely informed him that we were visiting Istanbul. As an architect and a teacher of the History of Art and Architecture at a local university he obviously had no qualms with that.

Problems with scratching this item off the bucket list: TIME!! I have summer here for eight months so I don´t really want to visit Europe in summer besides, it´s awfully dry and hard to breathe. I would rather travel in the spring or autumn, but then life keeps getting in the way and what was planned for April moved to September, but then that´s not good either so we move it to November… oh but wait in November I can´t because… but December is freezing and to travel at that time of the year is so annoying.

In the meantime I will read The Scribe again and visit Istanbul in my mind with Elizabeth Hunter´s words to guide me through that magnificent city while I ask my life to give me just a little break so that I can actually go there and see it for myself. Perhaps I can send the author a list of destinations on my “to visit” list and she can just write a few more wonderful stories and I can travel without leaving the comfort of my sofa.

But that is just not good enough, so one thing I am sure of and that is that in the near future I will be posting photos of my own visit to Istanbul!

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