Bucket lists – Part 1 Writing a book

A few years ago I was chatting to a friend about bucket lists, something I had never heard of until Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson explained it on the big screen. Well the conversation went something like, “Bucket list? Hell I’m not even forty yet! Why would I want a bucket list?” But then I started thinking of the things I really wanted to do before I kick the bucket and I realised that for some of the things I wanted to do I required a certain amount of strength and health, and if I was going to do them I had to start pretty soon. Some of these I share with my husband, which is great wanting to do the same things, but others I have to achieve on my own.

One of the items on my list is to write a book.

I have started about five different books and have never finished, so now I have five unfinished stories and one that I started rather recently and I have actually got much further than the others, I think I might actually finish this one. I can tell you that it is most definitely not Nobel Prize material but it is a rather fun and complex process, and I have learned a few things as I’m doing this.

For starters, I spend way too much time researching topics that I lightly mention and then when one of my characters has the audacity to require further explanations I find myself spending hours on the internet to answer a question. Hours later I want to knock myself on the head when I remember that the character is my head and I could have made it easier on myself….

A few pages later I want to cry because my timeline is off and I have to make endless changes so that events make sense. I get back on track but fate is never kind, “How the hell do you spell that word?” It is so so so wrong that not even the spell check can identify what I’m attempting to write, tears are streaming down my face in frustration. Three days later the word comes to mind, I spell it perfectly and I can’t find the place where I wanted to use it!

The plot, the damn plot! It keeps changing, and then I find myself with a character that I don’t need, what to do? Should I do the George R.R. Martin thing and just kill him off or do I find an intelligent way out, I’m too damn tiered so I’ll just kill the bastard and get him out the way. Wonderful, now I have a murderer in the story, he/she can’t be just a random appearance so now I will have to kill somebody else and the plot changes again….

You can now understand why I seem to be having problems finishing a book. Anyway, last week I dreamed of my characters and the story, these are not nice people we are talking about so it was a bit of a nightmare, it was very disturbing really.

The truth is that I will probably never publish it, I will attempt to convince my gorgeous niece to edit it so that at least I can give it to my husband and my sisters to read, but I do want to finish at least one book and tick this item off my bucket list.

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