Book give away: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Niki Slobodian #1) by J.L. Murray

So, I mentioned a book giveaway and I wanted to give something that would appeal to both men and women. Ok gents, you must realise how hard that is for me because I love a good romance, but fortunately for you J.L. Murray seems to have skipped the whole romance thing when it was being dished out so instead she provides us with wonderful dark fantasy. If you like the genre you should really give this a try.

So here is how this will work, you can either leave a reply below or message me telling me why you want to read this book, I wrote a piece on J.L. Murray and later on why I loved this series, you don’t have to read it to tell me why you want to read this. I will choose my favourite three replies and perhaps I will ask J.L. Murray to choose the best one.

Please note that I will gift the book via Amazon, if you only have a nook my apologies but Barnes and Noble doesn’t sell books outside the US so Amazon it will have to be. I will announce the winner on Friday.


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Niki Slobodian, #1)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Niki Slobodian #1)

by J.L. Murray (Goodreads Author)

“It’s not like the movies, where they don’t know they’re dead. They don’t often haunt people or places for revenge, and as far as I know they don’t befriend lonely children. Usually. If you could see them, you might not even know them from some of the living. Empty-eyed and looking around at the world like they can’t believe it’s all still there and going on without them. Or maybe they’re seeing it for the first time. This city is full of ghosts. I can see them all. Lucky me.”

Niki Slobodian sees things – things that aren’t supposed to be there. Labeled an Abnormal by New Government, her name is tacked onto the Registry, which seems to be getting longer these days. Now she can’t work or she’ll end up the same place as her father: in prison. But with no money coming in, Niki’s getting desperate.

So when a mysterious client offers to get her off the Registry in exchange for taking his case, Niki jumps at the chance. All she has to do is round up a homicidal Dark that’s escaped from Hell and is cruising around the city in borrowed bodies. The murders are piling up, with Niki’s notorious father somehow involved, and Niki’s running out of time. And it seems the Dark isn’t the only thing that escaped.

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