Book release: Forever Viper by author Sammie J.

 New release by friend and author Sammie J.
Forever Viper (Viper, #2)

Forever Viper (Viper #2)

WARNING…This story continues where Rock the Viper finished. Contains M/F/M, M/M and M/F loving, including anal sex. The story is told from three different POV’s. Written in British English. Graphic descriptions, sexual situations and strong language. 18+ advised.

Keeping secrets can destroy you. Telling lies burns your very soul. Is love enough? Or is forgiveness needed to set you free? Peppa, Juan and Noah’s love continues to be tested in the sequel to Rock the Viper. What happens when everything you love is getting ripped apart? Peppa’s world seems to slowly be crumbling around her. Noah’s disappearance has rocked her to the core. Juan’s support is keeping her sane, but even he is lost as he hides the truth. Noah’s father is determined to make Peppa’s life hell as he is sure his son’s disappearance falls directly at her feet. He even goes as far to move another man into Noah’s house but that backfires on him. A face Peppa thought she would never see again is back and put’s her life at risk. To top it all off, someone is trying to ruin Viper. When Juan’s secret is finally revealed, can Peppa learn to forgive before all is lost, including her Entwined? Will they lose their future together, or will forgiveness save them all?

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