Meljean Brook and why I read her books

There are different reasons to read books, I’m all for fiction and it can be a far fetched fantasy, I don’t really care if there are vampires, werewolves, demons or any other paranormal creature in them as long as they are well written with a good plot and well developed characters. Of course if there is a little romance that is always a bonus, anyway, recently I decided to give steampunk a try and I fell in love with the genre. Of course finding good authors in any genre is always a challenge but I did find a few and Meljean Brook was one of them, she offered everything I look for in books. A good plot, wonderfully well described locations and scenes, well developed characters, action, political intrigue and of course the swoon worthy romance.

The attached link is just one of the reasons her books are a must read, the research that is put into them and the link between reality and fantasy is really well done. I’m loving the Kraken King but then again I’ve loved all of the Iron Seas novels.

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