Review of the Kraken King part III

The Kraken King, Part III: The Kraken King and the Fox's Den (Iron Seas, #4.3)

The Kraken King, Part III: The Kraken King and the Fox’s Den (Iron Seas #4.3)

by Meljean Brook (Goodreads Author)

After a harrowing escape, Zenobia, Ariq, and their company take refuge in a gold rush town—but their temporary port is just a respite before traveling to the dangerous smugglers’ dens. Ariq is determined to uncover the men responsible for the threat to Krakentown, even if it means confronting the notorious den lords.

But when he discovers evidence in Zenobia’s letters connecting her to the Horde rebellion, he realizes that the threat is far greater than he had suspected. His loyalties torn, Ariq must distance himself from the fascinating woman he desperately wants to hold closer.

Stunned and hurt by Ariq’s inexplicable coldness, Zenobia prepares to leave the dens and continue her journey to the Red City. But in the smugglers’ dens, danger lurks around every corner, and all of her protection is gone.

My review

Apr 29, 14

Oh myyy!! The dens! What an interesting place to visit. As Zenobia’s adventure continues as she finds her way to the Red City, Australia reveals itself to be the most intriguing country. The dens was a most interesting place and the arena reminded me of ancient Rome, just different era’s, continents and creatures. And the fortress in the sky, again very well thought up, new and very interesting and blood thirsty characters, the twins freaked me out slightly but in a good way. I must say that as Meljean Brook develops the secondary characters and we get more than a glimpse of them and as the story moves along I dislike Helene more and more, and on the other hand, Mara and Cooper become more likeable.

Slightly disappointed that the story was too short but still, so much more to look forward to.

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