A beautiful Sunday in my corner of the world, the sun is shining (again) but at least it’s not unbearably hot, just warm enough to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt… we call this winter. Grab your coffee and prepare for the rant.


(image by Streetart Kreuzberg by URBAN ARTefakte)

Everyday you can download a new book or a new author, most of these are reasonably priced making it affordable to read all kind of genres, hence my new obsession with steampunk, but it also allows you to read more than one book a week. If you’re anything like me, I can go for weeks without looking at the television and read instead. I used to read the news in the mornings and then realised that it made me depressed so I’ve started doing that just before lunch with the hope that it will help reduce my appetite thus contributing to some needed weight loss. But books are my passion, I love reading and imagining the characters and the different worlds created by authors, when an author is really good he/she can achieve that, and if the reader has a decent imagination, if you don’t you should stick to non-fiction. But while this is all good, now the bad comes along with it, because everyone can publish a book today, whether through self publishing or via a publisher, you are also overloaded with loads of crap, this is due to wonderful blurbs that do not reflect what is inside of the book, beautiful covers that draw you to the book or wonderful reviews and great ratings that were either given by friends or someone who has never read a really good book and has no standards so to speak of what is expected from a book.

In my search for “favourite” authors in different genres, especially new genres, inevitably I come across awful books, so I keep a few books on my kindle that I use for detox purposes. When I pick up an awful book, if I bought it I can just stop reading and delete it but sometimes these books are gifted by a friend or I agreed to beta read and have to read to the end to either give a review or feedback. Then sadly there is no pleasure in reading, it’s forced, but I accepted the gift or do some basic editing so I have to fight my way through the book right to the last damn page.

When this happens, I have my detox books to reread and wash away the horror of what I have just put myself through. When I was a kid I also did that with school work. After some hours of reading school work I would sit and read Asterix and Obelix or Tintin for hours to ‘detox’ from the school work, later came the Famous Five or the Secret Seven and after that came Stephen King, Wilbur Smith and so many more. The detox method always remains the same, just the books keep changing with my current taste in reading.

Funny enough I do that with music, when I go out somewhere and have to listen to horrible music the whole night and the first thing I do when after leaving is plug in my iPod with my own music to detox from the noise pollution of the previous hours. And embarrassingly enough with films as well, not too long ago my husband was away on a business trip and after the kids went to bed I watched a horror film, first let me say that I have not been a fan of horror for more than ten years now, so this movie was way out of my comfort zone. After the movie finished I got one of my daughters films for detox and sat up for another hour or so watching The Princess and the Frog with all the lights on in the house. Needless to say that I haven’t watched another horror movie again.

I wonder if it’s just me that does this or if there are other people that have detox books, music and films?

Here are a few of my detox authors that give me strength to pick up the next unknown author:

John le Carre, Daniel Silva, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Meljean Brook





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