Which is worse…..reviews written by imbeciles or reviews written by friends?

When you see a decent title and good ratings and good reviews …… and then you start reading


Eternity (Vampire Assassin League Bundle, 4) [Kindle Edition]

Jackie Ivie

So I thought I would be reading something with a decent plot, loads of action, you know a little bit of James Bond in the mix, give a little romance and a little sex and voila you have the makings of a decent series.  So I paid for the book (which I truly regret) and started reading the first story, after a few pages my reaction was… huh? What the hell? Second story I’m already skipping pages, third story I cringe and write down the authors name in the “not to buy ever again” list and I continue to skip pages (okay a lot of pages) I didn’t make it to the 4th story. To be fair to the author, the editing isn’t bad, no typos that I could see, no terrible grammar but the most ghastly characters and there is no plot so no point really in mentioning that.
The impression I had is that the author must have started out these books for young adults then came to the realisation that a little bit of sex sells better so you end up with a bunch of idiots for characters with the maturity and dialogue of 15 year olds and bodies of mid twenty to mid thirty people. And now I’m being completely unfair and unkind to the young adult authors (just because I don’t like them) doesn’t mean that there are not amazing YA books out there with really great plots, I loved Harry Potter (all of them), so my apologies to YA authors.
But why title the damn series assassin league if there is no plot in the books?
In the story NOW OR FOREVER this dude (a human dude no less) finds the female vampire that was turned at the age of 24 I don’t know how many thousand years ago, she initially came from some other dudes harem, then she opens her mouth to speak and you have a submissive 14 year old kid that knows all about sex and is still a virgin and has always lived in this cave somewhere in Cambodia and learned to speak English on some other man’s smart phone a few months ago? Her mate is just as idiotic, can’t give too many details, as I said, skipped too many pages.
And HOLD THEIR PEACE was as awful as awful gets, what a horrible and stupid female character, some dimwit woman (probably in her mid twenties) get’s fooled to accompany her friend on an archeological dig in Greece, so she’s not exactly on her dream holiday, but this characters dialogue (bitching) for the first 4 or 5 pages of the book is that she wants hot guys… and where are the hot guys… and you promised hot guys. Now trust me when I tell you that I love eye candy as much as the next person but really? Who the hell wants to be friends with such a brainless twit? As I said these are hormone crazed teenagers and I’m sure that a few kids might find these books entertaining but not for me.
Now I have to ask, where do all the 4 and 5 star reviews come from? This bundle would get tops a 2 star rating from me, but as I don’t have anything nice to say about these books I will just rant on here instead of Amazon. These rate up there next to a few other as the most awful books to read.
There is nothing worse for me than to be fooled by reviews written by ‘friends of the author’, can’t decide which I dislike most, reviews written by imbeciles or reviews written by friends (deceitful ones at that).

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