A review of THE SCRIBE the first book in the Irin Chronicles by Elizabeth Hunter

I read somewhere once “You don’t need money to travel, all you need is a good book.” I believe he/she had Elizabeth Hunter in mind when they wrote that.


As far as Istanbul is concerned you are left with three possible options from reading this book, one: you have been to Istanbul and are flabbergasted with the amazing description in the book; two: you hadn’t considered this city as a possible tourist destination and now it’s right on top of your list; or three: it was already on your list of destinations and you closed the book went to the travel agency and booked your ticket.

Regardless of whichever of the abovementioned applies to you, you give this book a five star rating and rant a bit as to why there is not an extra star for extraordinary books. Some books are excellent and some books surpass the concept of excellence and that is a fair way to describe The Scribe.

When I read the Elemental Mysteries I wondered if Elizabeth Hunter would be able to create another set of witty and intelligent characters, would she be able to once again come up with an elaborate and consuming plot, adding in action and romance in such a subtle and beautiful manner that you don’t realize it’s there until one or chapters later.


But alas, she did, indeed she did it again. Ava Matheson is intelligent, she is funny and she is cautious. She is a wonderful character that you want to be, and then in comes Malachi, full of knowledge and magnificently male.

Just for the research that the author had to do for this book I rate her six stars, for her magnificent characters I give her another six stars and for an intriguing and consuming plot again another six stars. For brilliant writing and great editing…. well you know how many stars I give her.

My only complaint…. they won’t allow me to put on that extra star

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