How much?????

Ok people this is a serious rant, go on, grab your coffee and let’s get this rant going.


What is it with the prices of e-books? As far as I’m concerned 5.00 USD is a reasonable price for an e-book. I admit that on occasion I pay more than I intended to, some authors have wonderful books and I’m willing to pay a little extra, but then it’s not for a book in a series. The problem with charging 9 or 10 dollars for a book when you have approximately 10 or more books in a series is seriously harsh.  A stand alone novel of an author that maybe puts one book out every year or two, yes I can live with a slightly more elevated cost, but an e-book that has less than 200 pages……… anyway you see where I’m going with this. How do they expect fans to able to afford something like that? It’s frustrating and honestly I don’t know too many people that can afford it, it’s not as if people only follow one author, me, I’m a bookaholic, I follow hundreds of different authors and buy books weekly. I’m truly sorry that some of these authors that I really enjoyed, I only purchased the first book (at a reasonable price) and then book 2 comes out and it’s three or four times more expensive than book one, that series gets archived in the “one day when I’m rich” shelf.

Dear Authors,

I am not trying to undermine or belittle your work, truly I’m not. I grasp the amount of hours of work and research that you put into your books (at least the authors that I read do that), I also understand that your books are perfectly edited and that too costs money, however, your prices are for the rich and famous and I believe they are in fact a rather small percentage in the bigger picture. So please, if you are writing a series (especially those really long ones) consider pricing your books for the masses that can’t afford a complete series at the current prices on sites like Amazon and Smashwords.

And since we are discussing the publishing thing, please be so kind as to remember that Barnes and Noble is only available in the US, so if you are going to publish, please publish on other sites available to readers outside the US. There is nothing more frustrating than to find a book that looks really interesting only to discover that it is not available to you because you happen to live outside the US and because an author decided to publish only with Barnes and Noble.


A Bookaholic

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