What I’m currently reading…

Before I go into my weeks obsession….. coffee first


Elizabeth Hunter, she is my obsession this week. If you haven’t read her work yet, do yourself a favour and grab one of her books.

I’m currently reading The Scribe, and it is just absolutely amazing. The amount of research that the author has put into this book alone deserves a 5 star rating. Again this book (so far) is incredibly well written, intense and intelligent characters, good dialogue and an intriguing plot is currently unfolding… I cannot wait to move ahead in this story.

But before I leave you to your coffee, I did read the Elemental Mysteries, a vampire series, even if vampires aren’t your thing, again, the research that the author did on the different cities in different points of the world is fantastic, and you will be richer for giving yourself the joy of reading one of her books.

As it is I need to finish The Scribe because The Singer will soon be available. Sweet reading people…

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