Screw coffee and just give me tequila!!

I’m having a female moment. I’m furious with the world and my sharpened claws are sticking out ready to rip out anybody’s throat. I should get a sign on my door saying “Not user friendly” or “Never mind the dog watch out for the resident bitch!” (my husband will probably agree to that) silently though very silently…

Either way I’m just pissed off at everyone and everything, I know why I was angry in the first place but this amount of anger is just so out of proportion it’s ridiculous. And then my husband sighs and I hear the word “hormones” barely a whisper leaving his mouth, and what starts out as 10 percent anger escalates to 100% fury with a full blast lightning and thunder storm in sound surround. So at this point everybody is tiptoeing around me just in case. And the most absurd thing is that I realise that I’m furious for absolutely no reason and I will remain so until it passes. On these days I do my utmost best to remain quiet in my corner because this is when the filter between my brain and my mouth decides to get out of harms way and all the unedited shit in my mind just comes out in jumble of insults and just to add insult to injury,  the volume button that usually does a good job of controlling the volume of my voice also seems to be malfunctioning. So why do we do this? Please tell me there is a logical reason behind this crap, and for your own safety, avoid the word “hormones” as it will just set off another rant!

To the gentlemen who will read this post, if you are in any kind of relationship with a woman, and I mean any, mother, sister, colleague, partner or wife, whatever, and for some or other reason you actually believe you have us figured out, I have news for you…. whatever it is you are thinking, YOU ARE WRONG!!! People can write a million books on women and they would still get it wrong….

Screw coffee and give me tequila!!

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