Free books and Indie authors… crap or not?

Aaaahhh coffee…coffee anyone?


Why on the one day of the week that I can actually stay in bed and be lazy and sleep just a little bit longer I get up and start my day as early as on the others? Seeing as I’m up anyway, I went to browse through some of the book forums I follow and the free books for today.

Not too long ago I came across a discussion on one of these forums regarding the quality of free books, most of the participants were adamant that free books were utter rubbish and the worse quality possible. While I might at one time have had the same skepticism as these people I discovered that it wasn’t true. I have discovered many wonderful authors through a free book, and I now pay (sometimes handsome amounts) to read their work.  Some of these authors include names like Heather Killough-Walden, Elizabeth Hunter and J.L. Murray. In the next few weeks I will write pieces about these authors and the quality of their work and about the people behind the books.

Books are not cheap and when you are a bookaholic (can a person be an e-book addict?) there is just not enough money to keep up this insanity. But on the other hand there are indeed awful books out there and I have too often seen comments that that is because they are Indie authors. Again people, not true, there are amazing Indie authors including two of the aforementioned authors, whom have never published crap, well written stories, good plots, great characters and carefully edited books. So this notion that a free book by an author, whether via a publisher or independent is rubbish is completely false. 

I have previously mentioned that the whole PR around certain books and authors that took the world by storm were absolutely ludicrous, but at the same time it just proves what strong publicity can do. Fifty Shades of Grey (sorry to those who enjoyed it) for me was one of those moments and again with the Twilight Saga. The Twilight Saga I did actually read as I bought it for my daughter, at the time a teenager she claimed that they were okay and that she still liked Harry Potter better. This leads me to conclude that books can be utter crap even if you are published via a publisher, the name of a publishing company on your book is not a synonym of quality but rather how good their PR is (in some cases).

Still, don’t discard a book because it is free or because it is written by an Indie author, you may just find that you are pleasantly surprised and that you are willing to let go of your hard earned coins to read the next book that they are putting out there.

I’ve now gone a little crazy with the Steampunk genre, so if anyone can suggest any good authors on this genre… well let me know, the selection process of finding great authors is a time consuming and often frustrating one which I wish I could just skip over.


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