Review of Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk) by Bec McMaster


This book got a 5 star rating and as good a review as I am able on Amazon and Goodreads.

I have long ago accepted that I am awful with reviews, I never am able to express myself correctly and always pity the authors that I am not able to give them more than a few blunt sentences on what I thought of their hard work. Regardless, my inadequacy at expressing my opinion on books has in fact never stopped me from doing it anyhow.

So people, here is my first review on the blog.

This was my first attempt at reading the steampunk genre, and what a brilliant choice.

It took a few chapters to get myself settled into the story and setting, after all, this was my first attempt at the genre. The fog and footsteps on cobblestones is a good hook to ensnare you, before you realise it you are actually looking over your shoulder to see if someone is there. I apologise to my family for ignoring them today but I was fully engrossed in the story. Beautifully written with extraordinary characters and plot.

Although I have never been to London the author gave enough description that I could easily see myself walk alongside Honoria and Blade in their hunts and investigations. What a different view on the whole vampire issue, it did take me a few chapters to actually understand what the author was saying with the blue bloods and the vampires, but once I understood I was on board with the whole concept. It was amusing how Honoria initially wanted to teach Blade how to use language properly, I was tempted to do the same, but a few paragraphs further I secretly hoped she wouldn’t succeed thus stealing part of the character’s identity.

I truly am looking forward to reading Heart of Iron and have high expectations of what Bec McMaster may offer me in her next book.

BTW… great editing, what a pleasure to read a book without typos or grammar mistakes.

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