Imbeciles should not have access to computers

I’ve had a truly crappy day and I wasn’t going to rant but I just read two reviews that left me slightly annoyed. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was in the kitchen making coffee and getting ready to rant.


Genre: Historical romance; setting: Scotland; time period: early 1700’s

The reviewers, two ladies were offended that the Scottish laird forced his wife to have sex and that she remained married to him and with time even came to love the man. What their reviews said:  they called the female character everything from weak to stupid and even claimed that the book was promoting rape.

I have to assume that these two ladies have no knowledge of history, or how they achieved the independence they have today. We have not always had the right to vote, decent working conditions and the right to choose whom we marry (well in most countries anyway). Perhaps these  two reviewers celebrated international Women’s Day this month without realising the horror story behind it. How a large group of women (approximately 102 if I’m not mistaken) were burned alive in a warehouse in New York in the late 1800’s just so that they could work less than 16 hours a day, have better working conditions, stopping child labour and have better salaries.

Were women forced to have sex with their husbands back then? Most likely, it’s still happening in so many countries.

Why am I upset with these reviews? Well I’m upset that they gave the author a one star rating on Amazon and a crappy review because the author actually did her homework, did research and tried to write a book in a more realistic setting. It upsets me as much as some imbecile looking for realism in a vampire novel.

It is annoying that people dish out one star reviews for all the wrong reasons. I have started reading the said book and so far it is well written and even though I am no expert on Scottish history or that time period, it does seem credible to me. It most certainly doesn’t deserve a one star rating.

Really, imbeciles should not have access to computers!!

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