Thank you to author Sammie J

Today I asked my friend and author Samantha Atkin to write something for my blog. I could pretend I was a journalist and come up with some witty questions but with the risk of looking absolutely ridiculous, she instead was kind enough to supply me with some personal info. She writes under the pen name Sammie J and this is her input for Coffee and Bookaholics

“Sammie J, yes it’s my pen name, I don’t hide behind it, I’m not a man pretending to be a woman (looks down at her breasts to make sure). Yep! definitely a woman. And let’s face it Samantha Atkin is pretty boring, when I’m Sammie J I can lose myself in my stories and hopefully bring you new book boyfriends to love. If you ever find Sammie J on your travels because she has got lost somewhere, remind her that she has four kids and a hubby to feed and water.

When I started on this journey of becoming a writer, no matter how strong you are, nothing can prepare you for the up and downs you go through. You have to be strong to put up with the bashing, bullying and bad reviews. Am I strong? Heck No! When I put my stories out there I want the readers to love them, I want them to fall in love with my characters but with that I know I can’t please everyone. I haven’t made it easy on myself either with Rock the Viper being told from three different POV’s and with a cliff-hanger ending. Or choosing to write Piece of Heaven from a male POV because as I said at the beginning I’m all woman.

So I knew that when I published these books they would be like marmite you either love it or hate it. That doesn’t mean I like to see the bad reviews in fact they hurt (yep I need to man up) but that comes with the territory and something I will have to learn to take on the back. What I would like to say about them is please read the warnings I put up with each book it pretty much tells you what to expect. Now the good stuff, what I adore about being a writer. It’s the readers, the ones who write on my wall, PM me or leave a review saying they loved my story. Knowing that I can interact and laugh when a reader says they love Juan and I tell them to back off because he’s mine. Then it’s the readers *cough *cough Monica who asks me to marry them off to my characters (Jaden) which I find so funny yet it kind of makes me feel all fuzzy inside. And when they ask for more stories about different characters from the books, you all make me want to write more.

And of course it’s becoming friends with the readers that makes it all worth it. So a big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my books it means a lot to me that you have taken a chance on a new author. I am still learning and will continue to, I hope I get better with each book I write. Ta ta for now my characters are calling, where did I put that marmite?”

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