Reviews written by imbeciles

I hope you have your coffee steaming hot, dark and strong, never decaf people, never decaf! Now put your sound on really loud and enjoy today’s music, Resistance by Muse. It’s appropriate for my mood.


It never seizes to surprise me how idiotic people behave on the internet and I can’t help but wonder if they’re also assholes in person. One of the ways their idiocy is displayed is in the form of book reviews.

If I’m buying an unknown author I usually scroll down to browse the reviews, mainly I’m looking for comments on bad editing, too many typos or just bad grammar and misuse of words. Let me explain my profound dislike for this issue, it’s because when I’m reading a book and come across these minor details, I get distracted from the story because I’m correcting all this crap in my mind. It pisses me off to no end. The truth is, if someone writes that they didn’t like a book because the story didn’t do it for them, oh well, too bad, each one to his own. To me books are pretty much like music, it’s personal and either you like it or you don’t.

Unavoidably we come across the reviews written by imbeciles. I was looking at an unknown author (to me anyway) who writes paranormal romance and of course, I’m a creature of habits and did what I always do, I browsed through the reviews. I came across three reviewers who claimed that the story was unrealistic… WTF???!!!! I scrolled back to the top to make sure of the genre and read the blurb again; yip I got it right the first time, the book was about vampires. So what exactly did these three reviewers mean ‘unrealistic’? They expected to find realism in a vampire novel? Really? Where do these people come from? The middle ages?

Another kind of review that always makes me laugh is on the erotic books, there is always a jackass that will leave a review saying that the book had way too much explicit sex.

If you wrote any of the above reviews or plan on writing one, then the following message is for you:

“You are a moron! If you want realistic, watch CNN or if you insist on reading buy NON-FICTION books, technical manuals or biographies. Stay away from FICTION!!”

“If you think a book has too much explicit sex let me be helpful and explain how this works: if you see the word EROTIC, don’t buy it, if you see the author has made a note saying that it is not suitable for readers under the age of 18, don’t buy it!! My advice to you would be to go for the young adult and romance, but beware of the romance books and ensure that none of the above are mentioned.”

My ranting on reviews by imbeciles continued….

I was truly horrified at the vicious attacks on Charlaine Harris for the way she ended her Sookie Stackhouse southern vampires’ series. I’m a huge fan and if I’m honest, I was hoping that she would have given it a different ending… but alas, it was not meant to be.

Nonetheless, some of the fans left truly horrifying reviews and comments. People! You realise this is a book, right? It is merely a story in the authors mind, those people human and nonhuman don’t really exist, they are in fact just characters of the authors’ imagination. What the hell is wrong with you people writing such cruel and vicious comments on an author’s page? Just because you didn’t like the ending does not give you a right to be horrendous schmucks!


The way the story starts, develops and ends is not up for votes, you don’t get to decide what the author does with her/his characters and plot. If you like the book, buy it, read it and support the author who has provided you with hours of entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the rest of the books and if the author does something you don’t like.. well then it’s just too bad, get over it and move on.

To all the authors who have had to suffer reviews by one imbecile or another… well, the rest of us normal people apologise for their behaviour. It’s truly sad that not only can these twits write (they don’t necessarily make sense) but worse than that is that they have access to the internet, but such is life in this day and age.


2 thoughts on “Reviews written by imbeciles

  1. Debra Beilke

    Bravo! I too am often horrified by the morons who post on the internet. (Of course, some people are probably saying the same about me, but what do they know?) 😉


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