One of my favourite authors

Be prepared because you will see this written often “one of my favourite authors” but here is today’s ranting with a dark and strong cup of coffee.

I don’t have a favourite band or a favourite song and the same applies for authors and books. When I was a child I had several favourite chocolates and toys and books as a matter of fact. Today, I like to think of myself as an adult (except on Mondays, Mondays don’t count) but in many ways I remain a child in this sense as I still have several favourites of a series of things. My music mood for today is the Winery Dogs and listening to Time Machine with headphones and the volume on full blast.

But back to one of my favourite authors. The chosen victim for today’s ranting is J.L. Murray. When I read her books I think she’s a genius, and then she does something to piss me off and I will rant about how she’s a spawn from hell! So what makes this woman special in my eyes?

I came across this author because good old Amazon send me a recommendation one day, and I liked the blurb and the cover and thought ‘why not?’ It was the best thing I did because I found a fantastic new world. Just how cool is it that demons aren’t necessary evil and angels aren’t always good? It’s exhilarating to find a book where the predefined values of what we always believed them to be are thrown in the air and it all comes back tumbling down in amazing shades of grey. By now you know this woman is not your conventional obey the rules kind of writer, she’s the ‘I do my own shit’ kind of author.

Every now and again I really like books but can’t stand the author based on interviews or network postings, but like every good fan I started stalking this author on Facebook and realised a few things about her. First she seems to be a great mom and wife, she has a dark sense of humour that reflects perfectly in her writing and she is kind to her stalkers. She chats, answers your questions and gives me headaches with hints that she might kill off my adored character, you see the dark humour there, right?

Now we come to her writing, the Niki Slobodian series. I almost want to be this woman, note I said almost….. she’s tough, strong, she hurts, she cries and she changes the world. And even though she is magical there is a vulnerability to her that makes you want to take her in your arms and let her cry on your shoulder. The secondary characters are just as amazing and as you read the books you meet Death (and you really fall in love with the dude, how sick is that?), but it doesn’t stop there, no! She introduces you to the Devil, and guess what? Yip, you got it, you fall in love with that dude too. Talk about freaked out authors…. who the hell makes the readers fall in love with Death and the Devil? Please note that these are not sweet and gentle creatures, they are mean SOB’s and she still gets you to swoon over them!

Moving on, that’s not all she writes, after reading the first book in the Niki Slobodian series and while waiting for book 2 in the series I went and searched for other books by her, and I found, in my opinion, a masterpiece. The Other Side of the Desert is superb, J.L. Murray rewrites the story of Adam and Eve told by a priest on his deathbed. My tidbit of advice on this novel… if you want it, that is, if you are a devout Christian, LEAVE IT ALONE!!! This book is not for you! You have to be open minded and see it for what it is, a sublime piece of literature.

If you have not looked up this author do yourself a favour and look her up, you won’t regret it.

J.L. Murray, if by any chance you read this post, here is my tidbit of advice for you:


DO NOT watch Game of Thrones! You have a tendency to kill off characters, you do not need the negative influence from outsiders.

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