The rantings of a bookaholic over a cup of coffee


Why a blog, well because I have a lot to rant about. How many of you out there have read books which could have been amazing and because of bad editing were just above mediocre? Well I have read a few, so that will be my first ranting, about the bad or no editing of published books. In a good Sookie Stackhouse style I have to ask, “Did y’all not go to school?”
Goodness people! Your and you’re are completely different things, please don’t misuse them, they cannot replace each other. I won’t go into the whole grammar issue I will be kind and just supply an example. “If you’re drinking that much tequila your head is going to kill you tomorrow.” Please pay attention to details….. Another one that gets me is where and were, oh and then there is their and there, different words different meanings. ALL OF THEM!!!

Well time for coffee, I believe I need an espresso because I saw Karen Marie Monings Fever series smiling at me just moments ago.


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